Last Stop

OK I can happily say I have completed my Global Studies Project.
All my work - Report, Speech, Briefing paper, website and log - has finally been finished.
Its awesome.
There is a tiny mishap in that the 110mb website host, decided not to work for all of today, so my website does not currently exist. I do have screen shots to prove that it is there though :P
so anyway, this project has made me learn sooooo much about banking online, and has been surprisingly fun to do.

I think thats the last post from me.


we well and truly are about 2 inches from the finish line in this project.
I have just completed writing my report, which turned out to be a hefty 2750 words :S
I just have my presentation to complete, which involves compiling a powerpoint, a few pages of dot points as a speech and a briefing paper, withholding the most important information.
The website is done, it just needs a link to the report and maybe a few subheadings.
Apart from all this, the project is complete.
I am hoping this will be my second last blog bost.
Im not going to lie, i feel drained and tired, but incredibly happy as to how this project has turned out. I also have a sense of relief and achievement running through my veins.

OK well then.

If anyone is reading this.
My website is complete. At long last.
The report is being written as I speak, and it will be uploaded tomorrow. It is expected to be about 2000 words.

The creation of the website has been suchh a big effort and it feels so good to be finally done.
I will just add the report as an upload and attach a hyperlink in the report page on the site itself.
I will also upload some Flickr images of my progression and my workspace.
If you are using mobile (which I highly doubt), then look at my RSS feed for a condensed form of data. (look top right)

A massive weight has been taken off my shoulders now that this site is completed.
ahhh i cannot believe it haha.
Since the last post, i have finished literally every page.
This includes
Bibliography (with completed document attached), Sitemap, contact page, extras page, contact page, sitmap.xml, creation page, survey pages, survey data pages and survey results.

The tracking data from analytics has been removed, as enough data has been collated.

The end is incredibly nigh.

All to do is the report (all my data has been collated, it just needs to be refined), the speech and presentation.

The intro video is done, and so is the site.

How exciting!!



I have done alot of work since the last post.
As I stated previously, the Flash intro to the page is completed.
It link is now working and allows the user to enter the Home page.
The Home page is also completed. It contains everything a user needs to know about the site.
I have also included consistent words, that correspond with the titles in the navigation bar, to
lead the reader away from the home page when they have completed reading.
I am currently uploading the report page.
The report however, is still very much underway. My primary research interview will be conducted tomorrow, and the surveys have been completed. Secondary research is also underway,
and will soon be completed.
I estimate this report to be around 1500 words long.
The site design is obviously complete, the extra links are working, however the actual pages are not up just yet. They will be very soon. Tonight, in fact.
There is now debate (in my mind) as to the best form of presentation.
I will most likely have an introductory video, supported by a professional looking powerpoint, filled with screen shots and a briefing paper (that will have a site layout). I think this is all for now, as I have alot to get done.
I also would like to learn how to embed external HTML files into current HTML files. I would also like to add how the site was created in the extras page, and dwell on the fact that i made every single part of the page.
Thats all for now.

The Final Stretch

There are a few more things to do for my project. Once I have completed these, my project will be finished :)

The site design and intro page is up and running, however there is no information on it!
That is coming soon, and will be added throughout the upcoming week.
I also need to reinsert my tracking data for Google Analytics.
Aside from the work, I also need to complete my interview with a Commonwealth Bank Employee, scheduled for next week.
This will mark the completion of my primary research.
The secondary research is ongoing, however I have found some very valuable things.
You can preview the site here:
You can also take a survey if you fancy:

Thats all for now,

Survey Monkey Surveys

Today I created two surveys on

I have started to spread them throughout Facebook, and hope to start collating some data today.
I also plan on starting the website today.
Very exciting!

If you bank online, please take surveys one and two.
If you do not bank online, please take survey number two.

Survey 1:
Survey 2:

PIP Structure

I have created a structure for my Global Studies PIP, and plan on conducting an interview with a staff member, later this week.
The structure contains four main points:

1. Introduction
2. Where is online fraud happening?
3. What are banks doing about it?
4. What about the future?

Each of these sub headings have annotated detail.

The Questionnaire which is currently in development, is going to link in with steps 2 and 3. The results of this questionnaire, from a variety of sampels, will provide some excellent information that will be instrumental in my research.

I have also arranged for an interview with a Commonwealth Bank Employee.

With all this information at hand, I will be presenting it in the form of a speech, with my website as the main form of communication. The website will contain;
-a written report
-a blog
-first hand data

Some more may be added later though.

The website design is also in progress, and will be for at least a few weeks.

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Post soon,